Village of Morley
189 S Cass Street
Morley MI 49336

Phone: 231-856-4582
Fax: 231-856-0288

Email: clerk@villageofmorley.com

The Village of Morley has created a draft Park & Recreation Plan for our three parks. This Plan is available for review for at least 30 days by the public. Then a public hearing will be held to approve the Plan for submittal to the State. After the State approves the Plan, the Village will be able to apply for State funding for our parks. Please review the Plan and send any comments to the email above. The Plan can be obtained by clicking HERE.

There will be a Public Hearing to review the Park & Recreation Plan on May 13 beginning at 6:45 PM. We will not be going through the Plan page by page so please have it reviewed before you attend and have your comments and input ready. Thank you.

PLM has recently released their schedule for treatment dates of the Morley Millpond. Please click HERE to obtain a copy of the notice that was mailed to all riparian owners.

On March 11, 2024 the Village of Morley Council ordained the following changes to Ordinance 01-2018 concerning the Village marihuana Ordinance 03-2424. The summation follows:
  • The Village Council has chosen to repeal Ordinance 01-2018 that prohibited marihuana establishments within the Village of Morley.
  • The Village Council will allow marihuana establishments in accordance with the Michigan Regulation and Taxation of Marihuana Act, as well as, providing for the safety of the Village of Morley residents by regulating such establishments.
  • According to the ordinance the number of establishments is limited in number.
  • No person shall establish or operate a marihuana establishment without first receiving a Premit from the Village of Morley and a State operating license for each such establishment to be operated.
  • There shall be an annual nonrefundable application and Permit fee of $1200 to defray the administration and enforcement costs associated with marihuana establishments located in the Village.
Effective date of this ordinance is 20 days after publication which will be April 7, 2024. (Published in the Pioneer March 18, 2024).

For a complete copy of the Ordinance, you can email the Clerk for a copy or obtain a copy from this website - on the "Ordinance page".

We have contracted our lawn mowing and snow plowing to Heckman & Son. Please be patient with them as they learn our streets, parking lots and methods.


PLEASE NOTE: There is no parking on Village of Morley streets from November 1 through April 1 from 2:00-6:00 AM. This ordinance is to accomodate snow plowing. Our Code Enforcement Officer will be writing tickets and/or have your cars towed. Prior notice may not be given.


We contract with Republic Services for residential trash service so we can provide our residents with service at a better value. If you wish to receive trash service, you must contract with them. They have a very reasonable bag service also. Please mention that you're under the Village of Morley contract. They can be contacted at 877-698-7274.

Each year, municipalities who receive road monies are required to provide the State with a report. This report is open to the public. Click HERE to obtain the report.

For Michigan Public Service Commission Video/Cable Consumer Information - click HERE.